Residential Refurbishment

As a specialist Multi-trade, Fit-out and Refurbishment sub-contractor, Multi-Installations has for many years carried out refurbishment in high and low rise housing estates while the flats are still occupied.

Our expertise begins with demolition and removal of partition walls, stripping out existing finishes and services, to be removed erecting fit-outs as per new plans for kitchens and bathrooms, new plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical services layout, new finishes to walls and floors, doors and other carpentry works.

Our Expertise
  • Design 1 - Survey existing kitchen/bathrooms, record tenant choices and requirements. Prepare CAD drawings for kitchen/bathrooms layout approval and relative working drawings.
  • Design 2 - Design of mechanical and electrical services; namely heating, plumbing and electrical. CAD drawings for approval, execution and 'as built'.
  • Pre-execution - Conformity and training for Health, Safety & Environment regulations. Concern towards operatives; residents and public. Job specific Method Statements and Risk assessments carried out.
  • Operatives - Trained, experienced, courteous and productive.
  • Demolition & Strip Out - Under Supervision, with minimum damage to existing and observing safety rules. Clearing all debris and rubbish the same day and keeping house and work areas neat and tidy.
  • New Plumbing - Testing existing intake and lines so as to adapt and extend hot and cold water lines. Complete wastes and drainage system to suit new layouts. Fitting baths, wash basins and WC pans including disabled baths/WC. Obtaining Corgi certificate.
  • New Electricals - Conduct NIC periodic tests, renew fittings, fixtures and wiring to bring to acceptable standards. New Spurs, consumer units, extract fans, electric showers etc. Rewiring of entire houses.
  • New Heating - Repair or renew a range of traditional/ Combi /Gas Boilers. Execute the entire heating system in the flats/houses which includes installing new or moving existing radiators. Our experienced operatives can do a quick and efficient job.
  • Carpentry - New Kitchen/Bathroom - Any make or style of Kitchen/Bathroom can be installed by our operatives. Based on the Kitchen/Bathroom layouts and the site conditions. The entire fit-out is organised with levels and dimensions. The use of power and cordless tools greatly enhances the speed and accuracy of the work.
  • Carpentry - Boxing - Hot-cold water lines, gas pipes, waste pipes, wires and cables are hidden by plywood/mdf boxing running horizontally and vertically. Boxing around electrical fuse boards, boilers and bath edges.
  • Carpentry - Stud wall/Dry wall/ceiling - New stud work for creating partition walls, or dry walls to conceal services and false ceilings. Plasterboard-dot and dab or stud out walls and skimmed to finish. Insulated plasterboards with various constructions and techniques.
  • Carpentry - Doors - Under new regulations, houses are now to have fire integrity internal doors ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. In special cases conforming to document 'M' for disabled access. The flat entrance doors now need to conform to document 'L' for energy conservation. Any regulation can be met with our range of Composite Tri-laminate doorsets.
  • Plasters/Skims - Cement plaster-making good of walls, plastering entire walls and ceilings. Bonding/skimming/thistle plasters. Wall and ceiling surfaces are first checked for loose plaster, which is hacked off and a complete new uniform bonded plaster surface is prepared.
  • Ceramic Tiling - Water affected areas are generally tiled. Based on size and design, wall surfaces generally up to 450 mm height are tiled above kitchen work tops and up to full height in bathrooms. Basic guidelines ensure neat work. All corners and edges are sealed with mastic. Portions exposed to plaster side have trims.
  • Decoration - Walls, ceilings, metal and wooden surfaces are first scrapped and sandpapered to receive primer coat or mist coat. Depending on the specifications, various coats/layers are applied on different kinds of surfaces. Fungicidal treatments and sealing of walls and ceiling for water dampness. On completion of all decoration works of each room clear mastic is applied to all edges and corners to make the room water tight.
  • Flooring - The floors are levelled sometimes with concrete or plywood. The final 6 to 8 mm is levelled with self leveling screed. Vinyls as tiles or sheets are then laid to fit all pockets and corners. We maintain a team of expert floor layers. Wooden floors and carpet works are also undertaken depending on the room.
Policy Statement
  • Multi-Installations is guided by its Health & Safety policy which is constantly reviewed and updated. This is of special concern as construction work may be carried out in the vicinity of children and aged residents. Substances hazardous to health are constantly monitored.
  • Multi-Installations follow a strict Environmental policy of protecting the environment and avoiding pollution of any nature.
  • Multi-Installations is a strict believer in Equal Opportunities for all.