MIL Door Automation
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As part of our aim to reduce the complexities of multi-trade site involvement, MIL can provide a 'one stop' solution which includes automatic door operation. This service is provided in partnership with John Planck Ltd.

We provide a comprehensive design service which takes into account the individual access and security requirements of each project, including a site/door specific risk assessment to BSEN16005/BSEN7036:0 guidelines.This results in peace of mind for the client knowing that the automation is compliant with all current best practice publications.

All products installed are selected on the ability to provide long term durable, reliable and safe day-to-day performance.

Our service also provides a site survey prior to installation that includes guidance on interfacing with the door entry/access control system and power and containment requirements.

Installation is undertaken by experienced ADSA trained 'Automatic Door Technicians' all of whom are also trained access control engineers.

In order to ensure long term safety and maximise the client's capital investment, we are also able to provide annual service/safety visits as recommended in BSEN16005.

Communal External Entrance Doors

Our steel security doors can be fitted with automatic swing door operators to suit both inwards and outwards opening doors. Fully automatic 'high energy' door operators are normally specified for this application as they can be used to reliably open/close the doors in the minimum practical opening cycle in order to reduce the opportunity for tailgating.

The fully automatic operator can also be used to assist the door to close in areas where a prevailing wind may cause issues for a manual door closer or low energy door operator.

We are able to advise on the best method of activation, which may be for instance provided by the entrance's proximity reader for all users or via a hand held transmitter should the automation be required for selected users. As part of this specification we will also advise on the most suitable location of the door entry panel and exit button, as this can be an issue if fitted in close proximity of the door, as users may try to pull the door during the auto cycle if they are standing in the sweep area of the door when activating.

Standard safety features include an anti-nip frame detail for finger protection, monitored door mounted safety sensors and mandatory signage. We can also install safety barrier rails for doors that open outwards across a pedestrian approach or pathway.

Door operators can also be used to provide pedestrian access doors that have an AOV smoke venting requirement.

PAS24 Flat Entrance Doors

MIL has also successfully automated dwelling entrance doors where individual residents have an easy access requirement.

The doors are secured with a motorised 'Secured by Design' tested multi-point lock which provides the resident with peace of mind for security combined with ease of access.

The system is normally specified with a hand held transmitter to provide an activation signal. The button can be pressed from either side of the door to initiate the unlocking and opening sequence. A wire free wall switch can also be provided internally for visitor use.

Manual escape from the door is provided by a lever handle which retracts all bolts in one singe action. Battery back-up of the system can be provided as an option which will ensure that the electrical operation is still possible, even in the event of a main power failure.

Other Applications

There are other doors in the 'sheltered/accessible' residential environment that may also benefit from door automation in order to improve access/egress for elderly/disabled residents or even younger residents that may be carrying shopping or pushing pushchairs.

These can include buggy stores, laundry rooms, internal lift lobby doors and bin stores.

Communal toilet entrance doors can be fitted with an electric toilet entrance kit to ease access:

  • mil-doorExternal switch activates the door to open and provides occupancy indication.
  • mil-doorPrivacy is then provided by using the internal wall switch. Touching the switch after entry engages the maglock, thereby securely locking the door. Whilst the door is locked, the external switch is inhibited and also visually indicates that the WC is occupied.

Upon leaving the WC, the inner switch is utilized to unlock the door and then immediately activates the door operator for egress. The door is then ready for the next user.

This system can be used with both swing door and sliding door applications.