Master Key System

Locking security is a matter of great importance to all of us. It is made up of a number of elements, such as design, products, stampings, programming, locking system data maintenance, after-care and service as well as handling of the keys and key blanks.

A careful design of master keying forms the basis of key control. The more expertise is used for master keying design, the easier will be key control, the use of the keys, and the minimisation of security risks.

To ensure an organisation has the desired level of security, it is necessary to have a properly designed and maintained master key system. Multi Installation offers wide range of cylinder systems, products and services to help you implement a new master key system, or extend an existing one.

Master Key System Design
master key system design
Hierarchical Key System

GM = Grand Master

M1, M2, M3 = Master

M1.1, M1.2, M2.1, M2.2, M3.1, M3.2 = Sub Master

Master Keyed

This keying option allows for highly specific levels of access for different Key Holders. Master key systems can greatly reduce the amount of keys that must be distributed to users since rather than having to supply a different key for every door that a user has an access to, the user can be given just one key that will allow them to access all doors, while another user may be given a separate key that operates only half as many doors. Three different locks, for example may be master keyed so that one key opens all the three doors, one key opens only two of the three doors and still a third key opens only one.

The advantage of master key system is enhanced security, its convenience to use and cost effectiveness. Multi-Installations have designed master key system for block of flats managed by local government and Housing Associations in London.

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