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Company Overview
We are a leading security doorset manufacturer and installer within the UK. As an important supplier to the public sector, housing association, councils and newbuild markets, Multi-Installations is well positioned to manufacture and deliver products which meet or exceed customer requirements - at competitive price and on time.

Multi-Installations understands the distinctive characteristics of the refurbishment market and its need for very specialised doorsets with crucial performance characteristics like fire, acoustic, safety, security, etc. - which meet the very precise demands of housing standards. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to meet the tight deadlines and complex orders which include anti-vandal front entrance doors, communal entrance doors, utility doors, high security doors and screens.

The Multi-Installations range includes anti-vandal front entrance doors in variety of designs for homes and Jansen steel communal entrance doorsets with 'Secured by Design' accreditation, including Steel claded high security doorsets. Multi-Installations products have been developed for all types of refurbishment and new-build housing projects, whether flats, maisonettes or houses.

We are proud of our reputation for technical expertise, innovation and a supplier of consistent quality with guaranteed lead in period. Over the years, the company has developed a substantial base of resource, which is used to carry out manufacturing and installation works. In general, this resource is dedicated to work on renewals and refurbishment packages, and therefore has the appropriate specialised knowledge and skills.

The resource make up of our company is unique as we are one of the leading companies in this specialised field and the only one to offer the full services of Design, Manufacture and Installation. We maintain full control of the above functions as we do not use sub-contract fitter for on site work which enables us to provide a wider range of site skills, as well as flexibility in manning and offering a comprehensive "one stop" service to clients who insist on a quality product and reliable services at a competitive price.